When I sing my voice sound weak and quiet even if I'm singing to my loudest plus I can't get control of my voice sometimes it goes all over the place If you follow this link soundcloud.com/charwilko100/hero and listen to my singing you'll see what I mean by weak and quiet and if you listen to nearer the end of the song on the parts witch I'm trying to make powerfull you'll see it goes wrong and I lose control. How can I strenthen and louden my voice and gain better control? I wanna get my voice as strong at Connie talbot
work on breath control. your voice sounds very airy, like youre pushing out too much air. you might want to tighten up your vocal chords a little more too. be careful though. too much tension can be very damaging to the vocal chords

once youve worked on conserving your breath, just work on getting a little bit louder every time you practice