When I sing my voice is too weak here's a link to a video of me singing to show what I mean by weak soundcloud.com/charwilko100/hero. Does anyone know how to strenthen my voice while singing or exercises to help strenthen my voice plus does anyone know why my voice might be lacking strenth
Here's the thing that people tend to misunderstand: when you are singing into a microphone, you don't really need to be that loud. A microphone does exactly as the name suggests: it microfies things, which is why I get a kick out of all these kids online that say "oh man, you screamed your head off through that whole song, that's gotta take talent." No. No it takes no damn talent to scream your head off. If you can go around talking like Nathan Explosion all day, you will sound like you are doing a death metal growl through a microphone if you turn the volume up on the P.A. which really is what makes you louder is the volume control with what you are running through. There's numerous bands, one in particular that I can think of being Tool's singer Maynard, who really isn't that loud of a vocalist, in fact, he's quite relaxed in most of their songs, which is what you should be doing. Your voice is your voice and if you strain to sound like someone else, it's gonna sound like crap. Practice singing in the car to understand your range. Does your voice sound better with low notes or high notes? If it sounds better with low Pearl Jam type vocals, whatever, go for it, even if you don't like it, that's the voice you have. If you have a soft voice, that's what you got, but you can absolutely practice singing anywhere to experiment with your vocals. There's no real "strengthing" your voice, it's more the less "discovering" it.
^a microphone doesn't microfy anything. A microphone changes a sound into an electrical signal. An amplifier (as the name suggests) amplifies that signal which can then be converted back to a sound wave and will be much louder. The microphone doesn't boos the sound though it only converts it. Also you most definitely can strengthen a voice. A voice can be weak for any number of reasons, many of those reasons fall under the category of poor technique. Improving vocal technique can improve strength, clarity, and tone.

charwilko100 - I notice the TV is still on. WTF??? Seriously.

I guess you have not listened to any of the previous advice that has been offered to you. No one here can help you if you are not prepared to do what it takes to improve.

1. Talk to your parents. Explain that you really want to learn to sing and that although your voice is not strong now the only way to get better is through daily practice. Tell them that you will be practicing daily for at leas an hour and that you hope they will be supportive. Tell them that you are very aware that your singing is not great and any joking in this respect is likely to cause you great offense.

-Until you have this discussion with your parents you will not be able to practice properly and you will never improve. Without any improvement there is no point posting any more examples of your singing.

Step 2. TURN THE TV OFF!!! And get a Vocal teacher. If you can't get a vocal teacher then...

Step 3. Having talked with your parents and turned the TV off, you need a well thought out and specific practice schedule.
--3.1 WarmUp.
Your practice should start with some warm ups. There are many warm up videos on youtube here is the one I use...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5CWsFaVnWM there are four parts to this warm up routine. I suggest you download them as MP4s onto your computer so you don't have to visit youtube everyday.
--3.2 Technical Exercises.
After your warm up you should be working on developing one or two specific techniques. For technique exercises you can get a teacher, research the internet, get some books from the library (with CD examples) or whatever other means you have.
--3.3 LEARNING a Song.
Once you have spent a good 20 minutes or more on a warmup, a further 20-30 minutes on technical exercises, you might want to practice a song or two. Don't pick more than two songs but even starting with one will be good. Get the sheet music for the song and learn the song note for note. You should have an in-tune instrument with which you can regularly check you are singing the correct notes. Don't sing WITH the song during this time sing without accompaniment using the instrument to check your notes from time to time. Break the song down and learn each interval required, how long to hold each note. Sing just the notes using a lip roll to start with, sing each note using just a single vowel, sing each note using only vowels, sing the song with the full lyrics. You should treat this like learning a song on any instrument, since you are untrained it is going to take you some time to learn. It might take six weeks, it might take more. But stick with the one or two songs and practice them every day. Record yourself and be brutal. Do you sound pretty good or do you sound pretty bad. Keep the recordings in a folder on your computer under that song name. After each week listen and compare your most recent with your older recordings from a few weeks back to see if you are making improvements. This can also help you determine what techniques you want to work on next.
--3.4 Cool Down
Like your warm up except shorter, end your practice session with a ten minute cool down. I like to end the cool down with glottal fries.

Step 4 - As you work through your practice session make notes on how each exercise went and what you felt as you did them and what you need to focus on the following day.

Step 5 - Have one rest day each week. Use that day to review your recorded progress through your audio recordings and the notes you took throughout the week and determine what you will work on for the next week. Plan out your full weekly practice session for the next week. Get a piece of paper for each practice day and write out all the exercises with a space after for room to write your notes after you actually do the exercise. Keep the papers in a folder and work through it each day filling out how you went with each exercise. You might decide you need to continue working on the same technique from before but might benefit from trying a different exercise to target that technique. It's up to you - unless you have a teacher who can guide you.

IMPORTANT: You have continually posted links of yourself singing and asked for help. People have tried to help you in the past and yet you still post links of yourself singing almost on a weekly basis with no evidence that you have taken anything on board. In fact there is evidence to the contrary that despite advice offered in the past you have not done anything to help yourself. I consider this spam and if you continue this pattern of behaviour there will be consequences. You will not improve until you put in the hours upon hours of hard work that is required to improve, it will not happen in a week or two and it will not happen if all you do is learn the words to a song every few days and quietly sing along with the TV blaring so no one can hear you.