Hey, my brother and I are in the process of creating an EP, it's 80% finished, all the songs are written, and the semi final versions are recorded for all of them And so far 3 have been mastered, these versions aren't on youtube yet. But we'd really like to get a vocalist who's onboard before we throw it on iTunes. So if you wanna know our sound

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Here's our latest song, it pretty much shows what we're made of. All we ask is you know how to fry scream/false chord and sing well during chorus, like Asking Alexandria or BFMV. If you're interested, and if you want, see if you can write some lyrics and record a bit for this song. Think of it as an audition? But my brother and I are getting somewhat serious now, and would appreciate any time you put down for this (:
If you'd like to get in touch with me, add me and message me on FB. (If you message me not on a friends list than my messages go to some weird achive and can rarely find them :b so here's my Facebook.

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Anyways, look forward to hearing from you. And if you'd like another sample of a completed song, I can email you one of our mastered tracks.
Thanks \M/ -- Frankie