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This is a band I've been revisiting quite a bit lately.

Their style has very noticeably evolved over their 20 year career from the politically-tinged, adolescent pop-punk of How to Clean Everything to their even more politically themed, dark thrash-metal inspired punk of Failed States.

My question is what's your favorite era/album of Propagandhi - and why?

Personally, I've always been partial to Potemkin City Limits - I think of all their albums this one contains THE best songwriting on almost EVERY song. How can you not listen to Fedallah's Hearse or Bringer of Greater Things and not think "This is what punk is all about!".

Though, I've always had a softer spot for How To Clean Everything, too - who doesn't love Ska Sucks or Showdown?
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Less Talk More Rock is the only reasonable answer.
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i bought How to Clean Everything once and was disappointed.

maybe i should try listening again?
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I haven't really listened to Potemkin City Limits, but Supporting Caste is just incredible. Failed States does have some very good songs as well (Note to self, Lotus Gait, Rattan Cane, Cognitive Suicide) And I just realized how good Failed States is. I'd say it's a toss up between those two.