A long time ago I learnt this piece of music. I never knew the composer but love the tune and want to find more of his/her stuff. I have googled for ages to no avail. So I am trying different outlets to see if anyone can help me.

It's a youtube link which I am not allowed to post here.. the only information I have is the name which might be 'In the beginning'

If you type 'Pixel Dog Productions' in youtube the link 'In the beginning (maybe)' should appear.

If you know this piece of music please let me know. I'm dying to find out who wrote it.

Cheers dudes.
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Have you tried using Shazam on it? Or emailing the uploader?

Links are forbidden for new users as spambots have been a bit of an issue here, unfortunately. I'd post it but I'm on my way to work and I'm on my phone and it's annoying as I'd have to reset the default settings for youtube.