Was ****ing around with my effects unit today and thought I'd play around with some wah. This lead to me learning this solo in about 20minutes then recording it lol. This solo was surprisingly extremely easy to play. Considering how little time i put into it i thought it came out quite well and I've never had so much fun learning a solo.
I didn't learn it note for note because I feel this isn't the kind of solo for that. I hardly imagine Synyster Gates himself put a lot of structural thought into this solo and more so improv'd a lot to come out with it. infact I'm almost certain this solo was just some improv. I get that vibe..
Also i didn't play it on my Synyster Custom because it's disgustingly out of tune and needs a professional set-up because **** floyd rose guitars.

Any criticism is always appreciated.

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I read in a GW mag that a lot of the solos came from improv, so you were right about that. :p

Great solo man, I loved the wah! Oh and the "**** floyd rose guitars." part killed me, 'cause I agree.

I know it's C4C, but you already posted on my WttF cover, so I figured I'd post on yours lol.
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