I am self-taught, not good at reading music. Have been some writing songs. I'm trying to figure a better way to express my songs to show chord progressions, lyrics, melodies, riffs, drums, etc.

Should I break down and learn how to write these out in correct music notation, or is there a good alternative other guitarists who don't know traditional music notation have come up with?

It's called tablature.

What I do is I write out the chords I use up top, tabbing them if it's something I don't know well or often because I want to maintain some consistency. Then I tab out the song roughly. I'll refine it later.

Then I scrap the entire thing, because that's what I do (I just scrapped about 99% of 18 years worth of writing as too weak to justify keeping, leaving me with 6 pages of minor parts, and another 7 pages devoted to mostly complete lyrics. I scrapped all of my music I'd written).

I've never tried to note down drums, since I don't play them myself. I lack the room right now to pick up a set, but eventually I'd like to have some. Same for Bass, though I could fit a Bass acoustic in my closet I think.