I´m Patrick from germany and I play drums since 1994 and record them since 2001. Sice about two years I have my drums ready to record all the time. I want to offer you to record drumtracks to you songs. I have recorded several Cd´s and Dvd´s in the past. My drums are top of the line tama drums (starclassic maple) and the cymbals are paiste 2002 (even the Bonham sices) and some zildjian and sabians. I have collected over 30 snares so there should be a suitable snare for every style.
I record 16 tracks of the drums with one snare trigger signal.
So if you are interested, just contact me.
If you want I could premix the drums in steams or sent you all raw wave files.
I mostly play rock, pop and metal but every style is welcome.
I even have a full Edrum setup so I could record electronic music as well.
Greetings from germany
Here is a sample of a drumtrack I had recorded for my band (a rather simple track but you could hear and the what I do):
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Hi Patrick (RealDrumtracks), that was a kickass video you posted. I'm interested in this, I might put some guitar and bass tracks together this week to send to you, along with the tempos and maybe a click track and let you know the tempo on them is. I'm looking for something along the lines of garagerock/punk..? My email is redabp92@gmail.com
Just for people who have posted/are wondering if this guy is any good, I can assure you that he is. Respectable guy, gets the stuff done with your tastes in mind and does so in a timely manner, everything sounds fantastic. He did a song for me a week or so ago and it's worked out really well.
Thanks Jeno!
I hope I can help someone else too, the ideal would be to record a complete album that would be released.
Please contact my via pn oder email at:
patrick_palm (at) yahoo.com
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are you still doing these?
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