Any feedback would be much appreciated. I'm a songwriter and have never sung before, was just wondering whether I had a good enough voice to maybe play some open mic nights/put together an indie band. Be as brutal as necessary

you sound like you have potential, and i say that because your pitch is surprisingly accurate. but you sound like youre trying to hard to sing lower than your actual range. try singing higher in a more comfortable area

also, (granted you were singing too low for your voice), put more power into your vocals. you dont always want to be so loud that you cant sing quietly to yourself when you want, but a good singer should have the ability to bring down the house if needed
Thanks for the feedback, I was going a little lower than comfortable will bear that in mind when practising.

I'm not too sure what vibrato is where vocals are concerned
You need confidence and diaphragmatic support. As is now, your vocals are more talking than singing. Give it a little more gusto and i think you'll be more than fine.

With time, (just from this little snippet mind you), I could see you sounding similar to the Killers vocalist. Keep working at it. Right now, it's at an elementary stage but that shouldn't stop you.