I'm looking for a guitar in the £500 to £700 price range, something that will have to stand up to a lot of gigging and gets a good tone when amplified.

I'm struggling to pick between a seagull rustic entourage or a tanglewood 47e (I'm not too fussed about the price difference).

Overall I prefer the tone of the tanglewood and it has higher specs but I'm worried that it will fall apart. I bought a lower range tanglewood a couple of years ago -


and it's basically unplayable now, the body bowed and the neck twisted rather dramatically. Has anyone had any experience with similar guitars?
I'm kinda stumped here, Junior. You say you're looking at one model Tanglewood, then link to another. Never mind, the linked guitar is the one that failed? You might link us the one you're looking at now. The cute it's called "Historic", and it's passed into history. (Sorry, just got a chuckle out of that).

The "Seagull Entourage", encompasses an entire line of guitars, one of which is parlor size. There are actually 6 of them, 4 of which have "rustic" in the name. Here's their spec sheet: http://www.seagullguitars.com/specs.html

As for your former experience with a Tanglewood, how much of the blame for inadequate care do you think you shoulder? Or did it fail with proper attention?

From your description, it begs the question, "why do you think they call them ,'Tanglewood', anyway"?

Personally, I shy away from manufacturers when I have had their products fail.

Superstition, vindictiveness, call it what you like, I just don't buy their product again. That is, unless it was my fault, or it wore out, fair and square.
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Ahh yes, the link is to the failed guitar (I'd call my care adequate, it was only a couple of years old and it was kept away from temperature extremes etc). Tbh I kept things quite vague because I just wanted peoples vague experiences!

I've decided to go with the seagull, but thanks for the reply