Looking for a metal guitarist mainly for recording original material.
Genre: A mix of symphonic, industrial and black.
Location: Maryland, USA
Hey man well i dont know what a online band is but im not in maryland wish i could help ya out wish you lived closer to memphis.
Since it's an online project, distance has no meaning. I call it an online band because the members are all from different states and countries and communicate and share sounds via web.
I am interested in this very much so! I have several riffs and full rythms that may be to your liking. I'm into progressive, symphonic, and black metal. - Ada, Oklahoma
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More rhythm than lead, but we need both!

I can potentially offer services as a rhythm guitarist once my guitar gets fixed.
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I play six string guitar and dabble in sevens, would love to give your guys' material a shot in some form of audition.

This was a track of mine I'm having on a cd in my main project, I played all guitars (seven string) and bass, programmed drums, mixed and produced it all myself.
If you guys are interested, you could totally send me DI or recorded files and I can even try recording my own guitar track over your all's material and I can give it a go mixing and producing and whatnot, would love to try something out!

If you guys have any questions or anything feel free to shoot me an email at seanjdavidson@gmail.com, I don't get on here all too much! Thanks.
If you guys are still looking for a rhythm guitarist, i can fill in for you if you want?
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I don't know if you're still looking for help, but I'd figure it's worth a try . I can probably help with rhythm.
I am still looking! Don't be shy people!

Kind of off topic... You can now download our latest demo HERE!