hi there new to UG and forums in general, hope this is posted in the right place. i have only been playing about 4 months and keep acquiring guitars. I recently bought this for very little money and before spending anything on it to get it back in shape. I was wanting to know what it was and was it worth fixing up. i have searched everywhere and have had no luck.
On the head stock the make or sticker has been worn off(well looks like sanded off) there is no label inside and on the back of the head stock i has a JAPAN stamped on it. the only other mark i found while hunting was numbers stamped on a brace inside the guitar "711110". i know the tuners are definatley not original and there was a truss rod cover with patent 34-4127 that crumbled as i took out the screws.

thanks for any ideas or help
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hart to tell what it was. headstock's been sanded and repainted, pickguard isnt original, actually, nothing looks original except for the rosette.
keep it, enjoy the crap out of it. it probably has no collectible value, maybe $50. but if if it's fun to play, that could be priceless.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I would guess that this is a mid-level Japanese dreadnaught that someone has extensively modified.
Looks like that magnetic pickup and it's controls have been added on after the guitar was made.
Don't know why they sanded off the headstock logo...
How does it sound? A magnetic pickup will generally "cover up" the sound of a ratty acoustic.. They sort of end up sounding like a typical hollowbody electric as the sound is coming from the pickup rather than the body.
Big problem tends to be feedback if played at any volume.
I'd say... If it sounds decent plugged in.... You've got a cheap electric guitar.