Hi all.

I'm very interested in conducting such an experiment. You can find a couple of my home recordings on my soundcould page at soundcloud.com/mtarek-1

I play lead guitar, and would like to collaborate with others, online (or if you happen to be in Cleveland, then we could meet). I imagine we'd need keyboard, bass, vocalist(s) drums, and someone with good mastering skills.

Would anyone be interested in such thing?
I might possibly be interested in something like this. I've been away from the bass for a couple years now, but been playing music for 13 years. Drums, bass, guitar, some keys. I would not consider myself a great musician but I think I know the basic scales, keys, etc. I can't read music and i've never done an online collab before. Is it basically recording tracks one at a time with online collaborators? Also, listened to your soundcloud tracks. Nice. What are you using for backup on those?
My experience is fairly similar; I have never done an online collab, never have I played professionally, this is something I do just for fun. I still don't know exactly how this is going to proceed, but I imagine it would be something like this: Say we want to record Shine on you crazy diamond, For the intro, the keyboard obviously needs the guitar for the timing. After that, the drums are recorded and everyone gets a copy, with the aid of which they record their line. The mastering person would then take all of that, and start compiling everything into one track. Not easy but it would be awesome I think.

Thanks for your comment on my soundcloud, they're a bit sketchy I know. I just used a couple of backing tracks that I found online.
hey i wanna play have a cigar. might encounter trouble syncing video to audio. anythings possible. i have a scarlett 2i2 audio interface and use ableotn live lite 8
@JTVintage, I couldn't figure out what you play actually. Keyboards? And I was thinking of purely Audio, no video. I'm open to any ideas though.
I definitely would like something off Dark Side or Wish You Were Here. And are we wanting a straight cover? As in, if you guys want to use that song, I will listen to the song, learn the bass real well, where I can track just my bass part while listening to the song or a click track. Same measures and everything? Or are you wanting to change it up and jam kind of thing? Like a stoner rock version, or disco....or something. I'm not suggesting, just making sure.
I was thinking straight cover. I'm leaning more toward the songs you mentioned only because I've never played have a cigar before. I guess we could start off with something relatively 'simple', so we would be able to focus more on the recording and less on the learning.
I'm almost ready for comfortably numb or shine on (pulse versions please!). Seriously though, in addition to those two, I'm comfortable with Mother, Brain damage and eclipse and High hopes. Those are just suggestions though, I'm OK with learning an all new one if the majority decide to go down that road.
I can sing, play guitar and some bass. Mainly can do stuff from Dark Side and The Wall
Hi guys, sorry I was off for an awful exam. Anyway, I can see we have now vocals, mixing/mastering, 2 guitars, and a bass. Which is looking good so far.
We still need keyboards though, but we could start till someone shows up, what do you all think?