Simply, yes. You have the chops to thrive at a local level. Most women eat this stuff up if they can see it live.

Your voice is nice for the style, however not unique in any way as is now. For a local scene, if you promote and are diligent, I can see you being quite successful with what you wish to do.

Beyond the local level though, you will be awash in a sea of others that sound exactly as you do. Please don't take that as a slight, I'm just not sure what your outlook is. If you want to go beyond local/regional, you'll need more diversification/uniqueness to be successful from what I've seen.

edit: furthermore, I don't know if you ever wish to record in high fidelity ever, but that process will pick up your flaws much more accurately than an iphone.
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Thanks for the advice, sincerely. It was really helpful and detailed. I'm workin on some higher quality stuff now.