I've been playing for awhile, and I've gotten a little better than a beginner. But I still struggle to get the awesomness in my head to the guitar. I've tried to learn music theory via this top > [forbidden link]
but I don't understand all that music talk. Please help me to understand the fretboard inside out
(also please don't recommend teachers because its not in my budget)
If you have an idea now, it's probably best to find a program that you can input notes into. I've not used it but Reaper should have instrument plugins. If you then input the melody in your head and learn it on guitar, job done. I used to find that easier to figure out things as you can simply drag notes up and down until you find the right note. If anything, it gives you a fresh perspective with all the notes laid out in front of you, rather than looking at a fretboard.

I'm still learning the fretboard because I learnt scale shapes and not the notes. It is really a matter of taking it a little at a time and not just going up and down one string. A good idea is to write out a 4X4 square (or however big you want) of letters from A to G, put some sharps or flats next to some of them and play one on each string e.g. A on the E string, B on the A string, C on the D string etc.
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http://www.musictheory.net/lessons This is a great place to start.

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