Hi people! I'm Álvaro, guitarist from prog metal band Carving Colours. We've recorded our first album 'No way but forwards', to be released in Autumn 2013. Here is a teaser with some scenes from the recording sessions, we hope you like it!


You can keep updated visiting:
Facebook: /carvingcolours
Twitter: /carvingcolours
Youtube: /carvingcoloursvideo

Have a nice day!
He, we've released the cover of No way but forwards:

1 - Isolated Incidents (06:12)
2 - Martyr (07:16)
3 - The Envelope (01:09)
4 - It had to be done (08:30)
5 - Beheading the Hydra (06:52)
6 - No Way But Forwards (15:30)
I: Awake to the Aftermath
II: A debate upon the remains
III: Don't forget what brought us here
IV: Dawn of a New Day
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Hi, we've another teaser


It starts with screams, then they tackle and finally a cascade of blows. The wick is running out and there's no way but pushing forwards. Everything will turn to red and ashes, but our number will be our power. It's time for war.
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