So I was at a church rummage sale, and got my hands on a Teisco Del E-110 for 5$!!
I think its aged pretty well, and still plugs in and plays fine. Of course its not nearly as clean as lower end guitars nowadays. But I was wondering, is it a good starting place for a vintage guitar sound? I can notice the sort of twang it has plugged in. Though it does have a muddy sort of filtered sound. Im still loving it!

Anyways, i'm not really looking to sell it either. I was thinking about maybe painting it and possibly putting on a maple neck. Maybe I'll even replace some components to get a cleaner sound while keeping the twang. Being that it is a "lower end" vintage guitar.. (like first act guitars are now) would it be an atrocity to do anything like this to the guitar? Im really not looking to sell it in the future (at all) I just need a guitar with this vintage sound! and i would love for it to look awesome and unique.
I won't ramble anymore here your feedback is appreciated
I have had a few Teisco guitars and still have one. Basically there are approximately 20 billion billion of these around. The only ones i stayed away from changing are the very odd ones (usually with a row of 4-5 airplane switches, or ones that are very odd shaped) or ones that are in beautiful shape. The run of the mill Teisco guitars are worth about $125-$200 on their best day so modding them or swapping stuff out won't hurt or help the value.
Personally i love the sound of them, they just sound and feel very 60's surf to me. I would say just clean it up and play the hell out of it. If you wanna swap or mod it go for it. Just my opinion.
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Quite a few people collect them for nostalgic reasons .....that's the kind of guitar they had when they were a kid. I've had several. Bottom line: they're junk. Fun to have, but they play awful and sound awful. They sound nowhere near what we normally think of as "vintage sound." The pickups are weak and muddy.

So you got a great deal for $5. Slap on a new set of strings, give it a setup, and have fun with it; or put it on ebay and make some money on it, but as far as being a good player.... sorry.