Ok so i changed my string guages from 9s to 11-49 and i have no fret buzz. I used a capo on the first fret an held down the 24th and strummed each string and no buzz should i still adjust my truss rod? probably seems stupid but i just do not want to mess up my guitar neck.
ummmm you using a capo on the first fret and holding down the 24 fret is how you check neck relief..... take the capo off and just play the guitar and see if you get any buzz... if so you will need to adjust the action, then after that check how much bow you have in the neck.. going from 9s to 11 i would think would need some adjustment of the truss rod..
Going that direction (to heavier strings) you're increasing the tension on the neck and pulling it up more. If you didn't have any fret buzz before, you should have none now. If you go from 11's to 9's, however, the neck will reduce its bow and you might have to deal with fret buzz.
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How do I check the bow in the neck?


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How do I check the bow in the neck?

Look down the neck from the body toward the headstock, use the string as a straight edge. Or get an actual straight edge and lay it on the neck.
If you're not getting buzz, you are happy with the action and the guitar is intonated properly, you don't have to adjust anything.
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How do I check the bow in the neck?
Capo on 1st fret, push down @ 14th fret, You should have about .010 clearance under the 7th fret.

Truss rods really don't need adjusting as often as people think they do. If you're happy with the way your guitar plays, the action height, and it doesn't buzz, you can mostly leave it alone.