Didn't find an answer to this question anywhere, so i'm just gonna ask here. Is Guitar Pro tabs with only one instrument (like bass) accepted? I have this bass tab where the timing is a little hard so I've made it in Guitar Pro, will this get accepted? Also, is the layout from the Guitar Pro export as ASCII accepted here?

Thanks in advance.
I've asked this question before and the answer I got from tab moderator was yes. I mean, it should be fine, a GP tab of one instrument is still going to be better than a text tab.

ASCII exports are fine, tons of tabs are GP exports or written in other tab editors. You may have to modify the formatting a little, depends. Also, GP6 export is awful for some reason so it's better to export with GP5.
fanapathy I have had so many bass scores not approved because I get the same response that GP tab must contain all instruments. I find it really interesting how man files are approved daily where not all instruments are available. 

At the end of the day my hope is that for those wishing to read music, they can. Not all musicians read tab. That is the point of my questions. Cheers
The reason why rule 4.1 exists is because UG wants to accomodate the needs of every musician, not just guitarists or bassists. If there is more than one instrument in the tab then every player can learn their respective part(s). We do realize that it sometimes can be difficult to transcribe every instrument but there needs to be at least 2 instruments in the tab for it to be approved unless this rule of exception can be applied

Exception: Non-guitar songs and songs with multiple guitars that were arranged for a single guitar are allowed to have a sole instrument track.

Also, you shouldn't bump old threads. You can post in the New Tablature Guide and Approval Queue FAQ thread in UG Authors Community if you want to discuss this further.

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