Greetings to everyone here. I took guitar playing in high school and used to practice on my own. However, my guitar broke a few years ago and other committments in my life left me little time to continue playing. Things have since changed and I am looking to purchase a nice beginner guitar to practice with. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I prefer something up to $200, but would consider more. Thanks for any responses.
electric: i bought my Ibanez rg321 mh for $200 and i love it so much, ive played plenty of others (most more expensive) and still prefer this. i also hear Hagstrom makes great affordable guitars.
acoustic: epiphone makes some pretty nice models that you can get with 300 or under, yamaha also does this, but im not a yamaha fan.

these are just a few suggestions from my limited experience, i recommend you check the reviews section of UG, not to mention your local guitar shop to try these things out for yourself after you hear good/bad things here
It all depends in what kind of guitar you want and where you will be buying and what kind of style you want to be playing
For an electric you could get a Fender Squier affinity strat. They are good guitars for light airy sounds and distorted sounds. They are around $200 each. you could also get a Epiphone Les Paul 100. They are good beginner guitars and range from $200- $300. These have Humbuckers and give you a nice beefy bluesy sound. Jackson and Ibanez also make pretty solid guitars for a lower price.

For an acoustic, I would go with the Yamaha FG series. They are fantastic beginner guitars. However this is my opinion. I would go to your local guitar shop and check this out with an expert.