This is a older song I wrote with drum loops.
Nothing fancy or special and to be honest the tone sucks ;p

But whatever. Let me know what you think.

I'll gladly listen to whatever you have.

Click me ;D
I'm going to be completely honest my friend... I ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH!

You have a fantastic sense of melody.
Loved the clean parts which blend great and i must note also the technical quality of your playing.

The run at 1:39 was on the perfect spot.

From 1:46 until the end (including the pinchy riff and the outro) sound alot like one of my all time favorite bands Pergamum (great time changes)

I also listened to some other stuff from you... River Of Styx... dude... GREAT!

I'm very impressed and would love to colaborate with you man!


Best regards - AnthonyWabo :P
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! I'll check your stuff out!

    Sorry for delay. I barely have time these days.