Well it is indeed very "funeral". I have to admit this is not my style, I find this kind of music boring cause of its lack of energy and speed. Though, puting my personal tastes apart, it seems to be well built. A slow rythm with some doom ambiance. It would just need to get recorded with a big male voice on it and that would be a nice funeral doom song !
It's actually nice by the way it's nothing special heard on GP. and without vocals/lyrics. Am I wrong or there is some influence by Skepticism?
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It's the sort of funeral doom that makes me cringe tbh. It's cheesy and built around predictable, formulaic progressions that most synth-oriented FD bands have. It needs something more along the lines of Mournful Congregation where it's a lot more tasteful and less in your face. I know it's MIDI, but even with guitars in it, it holds no surprises. Maybe listen to some Monarch! and Monument Of Urns.
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