Hi guys

Have the choice of picking up one of the following used 2x12 caba.
To be used with my splawn nitro and 6505+
I currently have elmwood 4x12 with v30s but its to big.

My choices:
Orange ppc212 closed back v30
Mesa 1/4 open back with black shadows
Mesa closed back v30

Which should I go for?

I'd go with orange, but check out avatar speakers when you get a chance
The mesa and the orange are pretty close.

I personally like the sound of the mesa better, so that's what I'm going to recommend. You'll be fine either way.
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Thanks, I only have the mentiomed to choose from. We never see second hand avatars and they cost the same new as an orange new.
I loved my Orange cab with my 6505+, however it is a very reasonable suggestion to avoid V30 with your Splawn. I believe mid frequencies are incredibly important, so having too much mids doesn't sound like an issue which can't be dial'd out with the Splawn's EQ. I see no issues with that, but it may bother others depending on your personal taste for guitar tone.
Splawns do not like V30's, get a cab with G12h30 or g12m25 type speakers

where do you live that avatar cost the same as Orange?
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I went with an Avatar 212 cab with a V30 and G12H30, it should be here by next week.