Hi people, i just joined here and this is my first post

Hope i'm posting in the right section??

I just passed my grade 8 Acoustic Guitar exam but I still feel there is some theory i am lacking in though?

My tutor is touring Canada and i'm on holiday when he gets back! So i need to do some home work in the mean time!

I think i'm lacking in the lead playing department? My tutor has been through this briefly with me but as i was working toward my acoustic exam we haven't done much.
I'm trying to work out what scales work with what chords? Also how the hell people come up with some amazing solo's? Love John Frusciante's work.

Thanks people.
This forum is more hardware based. Purchasing decisions, guitar setup, strings, some idle chatter, and perhaps a "suggest a song thread", are the mainstays here. We pretty much stay away from any heavy theory discussions.

So, "Musician Talk", would be your go to forum for this question.

It's a jungle over there though, be careful what you step in.

Even the question about, "how to people come up with those awesome solos", would likely degenerate into a multi-page "tempest in a teacup".

I say, know your scales, know your harmonic structures and intervals, then practice, practice, practice. Also hope that your experience, proximity to, and absorption of, musical cultural conventions, allows you to bring musicality to your solos.
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Much appreciated Captaincranky

Will check out Musician Talk and keep on fiddling with my scales etc