Greetings everyone, been playing last 2 years a la Andy Mackee, i own Ibanez PF60SCE-NT Acoustic, and wanna upgrade to decent guitar, i totally fall in love with the design of Steve Vai EP 10, but not sure if it suits my playing style, and it's over 1000k dollar so i won't be getting anytime soon, is it a suitable choice for that Style ? is it worth the money, i'm planning to get a guitar that will stay with me for a lifetime, so it has to sound great and looks great, never fell in love with a design like the Steve Vai EP10, any other recommendations is more than welcome, cheers
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i looked into it. it's a beautiful looking guitar. the maple binding really stands out on the black.
it's not my style of guitar though. looking at the specs on it, you can get a much cheaper Ibanez without all the bling but with the same sound.
i've watched a bunch of AM covers on youtube and i've seen a lot of players having success with a multitude of different guitars. some of the cheaper ones that still sounded good were Taylor's GS mini even though it lacks the nut width(1 11/16 vs 1 3/4) that many were using and a few 12 fretters. there was a guy with a Bourgois that sounded completely amazing but that one goes far outside your budget. i'd give Yamaha's L series a try. there were a few of those that sounded pretty good.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
You understand that guitar is a plug me in always, right?

It certainly is a spectacular looker.

You won't get any love in this forum for Ibanez. No sense in forcing the issue.

If that's what you want, go for it.

If you want good, unplugged, natural sound, look at Seagull, the Guild "GAD" series, perhaps a low end Taylor.

You couldn't call that Ibby anything but performance gimmick. (I don't mean that as harshly as it must sound.

The giveaway that it's a "plug me in", is the "four Stevie Vai EQ settings built in".

Takamine makes wonderful AE guitars for the stage also.

The Ibanez is only 2 3/4" deep. That tells me right off the bat, its going to be thin on the bottom when unplugged.

So, I guess your answer is, (at least my version of it), if you're going to be gigging live, that might be your go to axe.

And as always, it's best if you can try it before you buy it.

Sweetwater has a couple of them, with many pictures of each.
Alright thanks folks, i'll pass on it, never played live and never played infront of anyone, i play for my self, and i do prefer more natural sound, so i guess it's not the right guitar for me at all, cheers.