Hi everyone, we all know Metallica and we all know master of puppets. Well, most of us.
We all know the classic tabbing for it, I'm talking mostly for the main riff, the opens and the 2 sets of slides. Right? Anyways, I was recently watching this video online and you can obviously see Hetfield paying (THE MAINRIFF) otherwise. It does sound right too. I'd like to know what exactly is he playing in there, but I guess my eyes are just too slow..
Can anyone help me and just tell me the tabs, here in the thread, if possible?

yeah, here's the video:
Metallica - Master of Puppets (Live at Orion Music + More 2013)
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Intro is just standard, playing the whole thing from the E string fret 12 and down, which I think they usually do anyway (the typical tab for this song has the powerchords from the A string).

Ditches the 5ths in the main/slide riff and plays single notes, not powerchords, uses hammer-ons on the 3-5s. It's the same melody just fewer notes.
thanx fanapathy! I did notice him skipping some of the chords/notes but whenever I tried doing it, just sounded .. wrong! but than again, I'm not JH and there is also hammet backing up with his line and he seems to be playing it entirely too. I don't know, but I still think there must be something more to it...
So if anyone has any other theories, please share.
thanx again for your reply mate! helpful!