So I added my own guitar work to one of Esperanza Spalding's more popular tunes. I'd like to know what you all think about it
Alex Price plays "Smile Like That" - an Esperanza Spalding cover
In a way, Smile Like That has harshly ripped me from my comfortable area of playing smoother sounding jazz styles and thrown me into this fusion world. As far as the solo goes, I just about threw phrasing and musicality out of the window and aimed to cram fast leads and an emphasized #4 degree into this static Lydian section. Various live recordings led me to this concept.

Feel free to post links to your own recordings and I will trade critiques with you.
Damn dude that goes down smooth. Never heard of the artist but will definitely check it out now.

The only thing I would work on in this vid would be the legato runs on the solo. You hit all the notes but some of them lost their integrity on the way up/down.
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Esperanza's great. Berklee just recently hired her to help teach too, which is great. She's always been a big advocate to supporting music education.
The legato run wasn't best I've done it
Thank you!