Hello All,
I was just wondering if there was any following of God Lives Underwater on this site? I wish there were more Tabs on this band here on the site, I only came across a couple. I wish this band was still around but due to many things such as Death, Bad Contacts, Esc. They are sadly no longer around to make any more music like this. Tear Jerking Songs and Awesome tones are what got me on this band, been listening to it since I was in grade school and would like to learn some of their songs. If you have any tabs/chords or even ideas on how to get them or comments, esc. Please let me know!
This band can be called many genres. Often argued over being called Techno, Rock, Electronica, or a mix of two of these genres. So, I dont know if Im posting this in the right forum or what-not, so If I am not... go easy on me.