Very cool! The solo is very thrashy! The riffs are cook in the background too, the mix is made so you can focus more on the solo more, which is fine because that's the point of this right . The pull off you do from 0:35-0:36 and through out the song is cool! And this part rules 1:31 that's a really cool section that the solo and rhythm go great at! 1:40-1:54 sounds really really cool with the wah. I really like the Wah Wah effect you have there, it sort of reminds me of (Kirk Hammett) by the sound of the way you play, im no soloist at all so i gave my shot at a critique!

Can i have a critique on a small demo I'm working on? Again, im no soloist, mostly rhythm ideas here, nothings to fancy

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Metal Turtle. Well nice riffs u got there, I rate riffs and tracks how easy is to solo to them and have ideas to make up stuff on them. I found it pretty easy so in my opinion its cool demo, and keep rocking and write this kind of music!
oh cool man! That's a first for me, its good to know that it can have a solo over it !
That reminded me of zakk wylde. With a hint of george lynch!
Good job! Also makes me think of those fighting games for ps1