hey guys! I've been playing for a little over 2 years. like playing a range of things but I really like metal, so Ive nwarroed it down to just two(open to other suggestions though]

so first one im lookin at is the jackson dk2m. im sure yall know more about them than ido... do ill just say i like the trem the neck was decent, but i dont really feel like i got enough time to play with it too much.

next is the epiphone prophecy custom. havent got to payl this one yet, but just lookin at the specs looks awesome. emgs, somekinda special neck, sick finish, grover tubers, and a hsc!

thoughts? other guitars I should look at? o and id prolly be playing rhythm guitar so id like it to do the chuggas reall good.


edit: amp is peavey valveking 112 with a few different pedals. not the most metal but tubes for sub200$? yes pl0x...
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Look into an EC1000, my favorite guitar since getting it

Or I could sell you my Alexi 600 haha
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I've played both guitars, and to be honest they are both great instruments for their price. The Epi may be slightly more versatile than the Jackson, but the jackson defiantly has more of a metal feel to it in my opinion.

If you can't play them both then It comes down to which one you think looks coolest to be honest. Go with your gut!

I usually recommend a used Ibanes rg 570 or ibanez rg 1570 prestige (essentially the same guitar). In Texas you can find them for around $450. I used to play one and I think it is a top notch metal guitar.

Good luck and have fun!
Jackson imo.

I love mine to bits but im just not a trem guy. Only reason why im selling it.
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