Hi everyone

I recently bought an old Aria from someone, but I cannot find any record of the guitar on the Aria archives. I am hoping someone here may know...or at least where such information would be available.

Roughly, this is what I know:

The label says it is an Aria guitar, model 1554, serial number 00000063.

It looks like a solid cedar front, split rosewood back (solid wood), solid rosewood sides.

The guy I bought it from dates it at 1963....apparently that is what the serial number indicates, but I'm not too sure. Aria apparently did not exist yet at that time!?

The cedar front panel is a lovely dark colour from age, and the guitar is very light. It sustains notes about twice as long as my Cort classic guitar....so I love it...

The action is a little high at the higher frets, so if there any advice on how I can fix it up I would appreciate it very much!

20130918_174238 small.jpg
20130918_174229 small.jpg
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