So I am mostly an ear player. I am about intermediate with reading music, (that include vocally). I play classical (So I do a lot of fingerpicking) but I also like rock. (I love many genres but alt rock such as Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, old OneRepublic etc. are m faves) My first electric guitar I bought was from my teacher. He own a store and teaches students a bunch of different instruments. I bought this Global Vintage Electric (70s) from him with all original parts (including the pickguard). It is worth around $300, but he sold it to me for $160, he said he mostly sells things for what he gets it for. I guess he can afford this because he is also a successful teacher. I think it's a good guitar, I get a lot of compliments on it that it's beautiful. The tremolo doesn't send it out of tune. There is this tiny nick on the edge. I want to sell it because I think it was an impulse buy. You know, all googly eyed, especially since it is vintage. Oh, I bought it maybe five/six months ago. How much would you take it for? As much as it is worth, or less? Somewhere more around 300 or 250?

Question number two. I want a new guitar of course! I don't want anything expensive (well I do, but I am 16, and also am concerned about college and other crucial things), so nothing above $400. I am looking at the Epiphone WildKat Ltd. The reviews are mostly great. Around 90% of the reviews (on Musician's Friend) are good. A great guitar for it's price. Again, I am not a pro on guitar but I do have natural talent, and a good ear. My taste in guitar sounds are sweet, since I am a classical player. I know effects can do a lot to change the sound, but the guitar in a clean state I would like to be easy on the hands, and buttery to play. Is the WildKat an appropriate fit?
what's wrong with your current guitar?

what kind of amp do you have?
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I knew I forgot something! I don't have an amp yet. But I do know what it plays like on multiple different amps because I bring it to guitar stores and friend's houses. The thing is I just don't like it all that much. It feels too beginner to me.
cool, try and look for a used PRS SE custom. they discontinued the model after about 6-8 years or so of production. it was their lowest end model, but still hand made and professionally designed and crafted.

it is an incredibly versatile instrument. comes with stock zebra humbuckers. literally can do any genre. i swapped out the pups for semour duncans (because of the METAL) and i needed more heat. but it can do everything clean, fuzz, dirt, everything you want.
"Hey kid. You wanna cigarette?"

"No thanks! I/m already hooked on Fonicks!"