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I never really wrote a "real" song, but now I think I have one. It's Pop/Rock/Alternative/Indie (I think so). Now I would like to add some keyboard/synthesizer lines to add mor atmosphere to the song. Can anyone give me tips about writing keyboard lines (which sounds would fit, how I develop the melody etc.)?

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Here's what I do: I write a song on guitar that has at the very least a chord progressions for verse and chorus, and a melody for chorus and verse.

I go to my DAW (Reaper) and program a midi drum track that fits the song.
I get a midi synthesizer and program the chord progressions of the verse and chorus. This creates a synth background for the chords. You have some choices:

- each time you change chords, program the synth to play the new chord and have that shord last until the next chord change
- play shorter, staccato chords that fit the strum pattern / rhythm
- take the shorter, staccato chords, and arpeggiate them so the root notes fall on the strum pattern / rhythm.

You can also do bass line on synth, or maybe do melody line in a different octave / voice than guitar.

These are rather simplistic, I think more complex is to come up with second melody line that harmonizes with main melody line, things like that.

Mainly, to me, you should get comfortable with midi synthesizers and play around with it.


p.s. I recommend this even if you play, or want to learn to play, real keyboard, since you can simply play with more ideas, with more precision, programming midi synths.
Thanks Ken!
I appreciate your answer very much! I'll try it out and just mess around with the keyboard here


Another good trick is in using synth pads or strings to play solid chords that are held as long as the chord stays the same. Depending on what sound you use, a lot of spacy sounds can be created this way.

Similar to this is to have a mini counter melody with synth strings above your guitar and vocals that plays in harmony, either simple or complex.
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