I was wondering if someone could help me... i'm sorta new to this site and have submitted a few tabs, and now i'm having problems with my last tab being approved (and left wondering why?).

Basically I just come here to put tabs up that I don't see exist and had no issues until my last tab...

The name of the tab i'm having problems getting approved is titled
Satyricon: Phoenix (Track 05. from their newest album just released).

Since 14-09-2013, and reposted again today 18th,
this tab has just floated around the "awaiting approval" page
and no-ones clicking on it to help its verification.

I did update it quite a few times and am thinking maybe that has something to do with it?
(I literally missed a section and included it and went back a few times just to correct spellings and few touches etc)..

I like to post tabs that I don't see out there that I am 99% confident I post TABs that are correct and well presented so readers can learn them quickly and easily.

Thanks again and hope someone can help me figure out what & why!
I think you just have to be a bit patient, if you uploaded it on 14th and touched it up afterwards it might take a bit for it to get approved. Also, there might just not be that many people judging Satyricon. Have faith!
Yup. Just wait - there is often a backlog of about 300 - 700 tabs from what I've seen. Some tabs I've submitted have taken about 2 weeks to get accepted, so 5 days isn't that long. Be patient, and keep tabbing!
One thing to keep in mind is that every time you correct a tab, it gets pushed back to last in the queue. If it's somehow urgent that your tab gets posted then it's better to not update it until it's accepted. They might also reject it if it has a lot of recent corrections, as it may be judged as an unfinished tab.
Other than that, just patience, tabs take a while these days and 2 weeks is pretty common