I've been looking around for awhile now at multi fx. I had the Zoom 505 mk2 when I started on guitar, and still have a soft spot for it, and even used it on bass. However I've been looking in to the Zoom B2 and found the new Zoom MS-60b, which seems to be the same only condensed to a Boss sized pedal. I was wondering if anybody had experiences with these, mainly the MS-60b. I know there are more on the market, Boss/Digitech for example but I was impressed with the MS-60b and its a price I'd be willing to pay. I'm mainly interested in the octave and fuzz and I could also remove 3 pedals from my board (which include a behringer synth and limiter).
I have a Zoom B1X - pretty much a less featured B2. The sounds I get from it are decent for gigs and home recording, but not too impressive. They might've changed completely in the MS-60B though - I had no idea it existed and I'm impressed by the features alone as well. Especially being able to reorder the effects however you wanted, neither the B1 or B2 series let you do that.

The only fuzz in the B1 and B2 is a Fuzz Face emulation, it's a bit too muddy for my taste. The octave effect is fine though.

I think you'll have no problems in reliability: I've owned the B1X and used it at rehearsals for about 2 years now, and it still works perfectly, it's pretty robust for a plastic <$100 multi-FX.
I've got the Zoom B2 and the fuzz does leave quite a bit to be desired, no matter what I do with the settings I seem to lose a lot of bottom end making it near indistinguishable from the rest of the band, it might just be me being horrendous at setting the thing up though.

I haven't had a proper play with the octave so I can't comment on that.
Just because you were impressed by one doesn't mean you should not try the other options available, and doing so would be foolish.

I own a Digitech BP355 and it does the job nicely for me, it's distortions whilst not perfect are passable (especially in a band setting), the fuzz is exactly what I want, the compressors are good too, and I've had great fun with the other effects (Do you have pedal settings to blend with a tuba? I do ).
Ultimately, if at all feasible you should try as many different options, even if it's just two pedals by different companies.
Its the fact that its less then £100, the size of a boss stomp box and has excellent tracking on the octave. I don't necessarily need a full size Multi FX for what I use, which is a tuner, compressor/limiter and a rare filter. I have a PhatHed for my main dirt and an MXR M80 for tone shaping and DI.
I haven't ruled out other multi fx but I've not seen anything else like it that isn't huge or expensive. The degree of control over each effect is brilliant. I've tried plenty of pedals to know what I want and what I'm looking for, this seems to be it, and its generated massive hype and praise on TalkBass.