Budget? - Looking for a $99 range practice bass amp, that my guitar could also use. I am saving up for a real great amp, which is why I don't bother spending like 200 getting something a little bigger and nicer, plus I want to save the space in my Den.

Genres? - I like to play 60's, 70's and 80's rock and metal. I absolutely love McCartney, Butler, Bruce, Jones and of course Entwistle. But I also enjoy playing Bluesy and Jazzy lines like from 50's rock. My favorite bassist when starting was Tool.

New or Used? - I plan on getting a new one from GC, I will get used if they have it, and don't mind shipping to store from their web store.

Home or Gig? - Just replacing two practice amps I use to have in the den. It is not meant for anything but fun and practice. Plus it keeps people out of recording room.

Closest City? - I plan on going to the SLC GC this weekend.

Current Gear? - In my recording room I have a UX2 that hooks up to my studio monitors. I have all sorts of amp modeling and effects for both guitar and bass from the Line 6 Software and Ableton. I also want to note, that I would like to mic this amp with my bass.

I was looking at the Ampeg BA108 but my store only has the Fender Rumble 15, Peavey Max 158, and Acoustic B15 in stock. I can get the Ampeg shipped to store if it is the best or wait longer.

I guess the bottom line is, what is best choice for both Guitar and Bass for practice, in a "Rumpus" room, you can pick any thing close to the price, and also give advice between Fender, Peavy, Ampeg or Acoustic? When I asked some friends, they said to get the Orange Crush Bass amp, and I can get the Crush 35 shipped to store for $130.
I forgot to mention the Vox Pathfinder, Ashdown Tourbus, Ibanez SW15, and Kustom KB10 are also in my options, I would just need them to ship to store.
Get the Kustom, Peavey, or Acoustic, but particularly the Kustom and Peavey.
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My first amp's were Peavy, and I always acquainted them with Metal.

The Peavy has the best design and functionality in that price. Aux In, and Ear Phones, of course, I will need an adapter cause its not 1/4. But it also comes with a tuner built in, which is convenient.

Most importantly, the Peavy is in stock, meaning I can actually play it before buying, unlike the Kustom. That way I can figure out what Psycho-Acoustic low end enhancement.
Peavey Vypyr VIP is made for bass and guitar, might be worth looking at since space is of concern
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Wow....I knew the Vyper's had great amp modeling, I almost brought one home, but I took a Vox Valvetronix instead. But I ended up returning it, and been saving up for a +500 guitar amp.

So that Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 20W can plug in Guitar and Bass? It says Bass simulation, and on the picture, next to the 1/4 input, it says instrument type with a button for Bass, that is pretty cool.

That Vyper VIP is much better than the basic Peavey Bass Amp which basically has no modeling, just equalization. VIP actually has Modeling built in, with software for computer connecting for easy MIDI recording, which is what I mostly do with my UX2.

The only thing I read bad was that when playing bass, the amp rattles....so if that is the only thing I should be fine. I always wanted to replace the Peavey amps I sold away.
What is very cool, The three instruments in my Den, an Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar. That Peavey VIP, is specifically built with settings with these three instruments.
Never ever bought/used/wanted a practice amp, I've always used my gigging rig for rehearsal so that I always get the same sound, this applies to my fellow band members as well.

I see so may of these tin pot, 8" speaker loaded, useless for bass amps, a total waste of money, they're about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
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