Just wrote this today, had no real mindset when I wrote it, just started writing. But I tried detouring from my usual, as I used to have fun writing with genres that I usually don't dabble with.

With that being said, I'll c4c and take constructive criticism.


Yes, poop.
so, i saw the word "core" in the title, and i thought "oh Lord not another". but after listening, i was very pleasantly surprised. i mean, VERY pleasantly surprised

id love to give some criticism, but there really isnt much bad to say about this. the only downsides are: the reverse cymbal thing was annoying, and the bass track was bland. otherwise, great work! the ice rain track was my favorite
Thanks alot man! I agree with the bass being bland, I usually go all out and write crazy bass lines but I felt like keeping it simple worked better for this song.

Yes, poop.
****ing beautiful.
17-32 should have a dynamic bassline that isn't ALWAYS cutting through, but is at select points. I think it would help lead into 33 very nicely.

BUT THAT MAIN RIFF, **** my ass man. I love the stacked notes. The synth is done to perfection, but I'd recommend a warmer instrument.

89 was a nice simple cacophony leading into the pause very nicely.

Overall what I think would make this an even more jammy, great song would be melodic, cutting basslines. and it doesn't need vocals at all, but i think they could fit really very well. dammit this track is SO MY GENRE

edit: wasn't really doing it for the c4c but this piece could use it c:
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oh hey man, just a quick suggestion. when using a left and right track for guitars, make one one distortion and the other overdrive. if theyre both the same track, theyll center when they happen to play the same notes. idk if youve noticed it before on tabs, but its a little annoying hearing tracks going from centered to left-right in mid-riff
Matt did you happen to read my review of the last song u posted
And i can review this if u want
Actually yeah, I did Ometh. Kind of a coincidence that it came out to be something like what you said I'd be good at in that other review.

Yes, poop.