Looking for a reasonably priced bass overdrive unit, most likely a tube emulator/pre-amp with gain, blend and level controls. I prefer what I call "crunchy" instead of fuzzy distortion - e.g. Chris Squire/Geddy Lee, NOT guitar distortion.

I have read about and even listened to Sansamp gear - RBI, RPM and Bass Driver DI models. These are closest to the sound I want, but.... RBI and RPM are about $330 new and the Bass Driver is about $200 new.

My question: are there any other tube emulators/pre-amps/overdrive units that can produce the same "crunchy" sound for a more reasonable price - maybe $100 to $150? (I realize buying a used Sansamp is another option)

You could try the Behringer BDI21, essentially a Sansamp Bass Driver clone in a cheap plastic enclosure.
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Thanks Ziphoblat! I did a little checking on the Behringer and I might give it a try. I've seen prices around $35 USD - If I buy one and don't like it, it's not worth reselling and I'm only out $35.
Yeah, the BDI21 is one of my favorite 'secrets' to tell people.
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