My band's debut album came out a few weeks ago and the reviews have been better than expected thus far. However, we have been getting some folks here and there that have disliked the clean vocals. On this record I do a couple of different forms of cleans including some more aggressive Stu Block (Iced Earth) type stuff.

Now, I don't think my cleans are terrible, but I would really like the opinion of some of UG's resident singers. Clean singing is something I've been working pretty hard at improving and any additional advice down that path I can get would be most helpful.

I'm really hoping Axeman or 20Tigers will jump on this and let me know what they think could help me improve. I'm completely fine with negative feedback as long as it's constructive.

Some examples of the straight clean singing I'm talking about scroll to these times: 42:55, 15:55, 3:38

Examples of the more aggressive style (note, I've gotten a bit better at this technique since then but the relative timbre is similar):
11:07, 19:08 and 31:16 (almost this entire song)

I understand that some folks just don't enjoy the timbre of a singer's voice, so you'll always have that. What I'm looking for is an honest assessment of where I'm at, and what I need to do to improve. Practice is no problem folks.

Fire away and thanks in advance!

The more aggressive cleans reminded me of matt heafy a lot (whether that is a bad thing or not is entirely subjective) and as far as i can tell they lack control, there are places where they were definitely off, slightly flat. They also seemed to jar slightly with the screams but with practice you could make it work.

The softer your voice got the better it got, the chorus of Impending Doom, the end of Of Death and Vengeance and the whole of Requiem were amazing. I think all you really need to work on is controlling your voice, working on expanding your range would be a good idea too. With practice you could have a fantastic voice for epic doom metal.

And your guitarist is amazing.
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Def got some talent...I agree that if you expand your range just a bit you can get some great choruses.
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