Hey guys, first of all I want to apologize if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to put it.

Basically, I've recently moved into college and I didn't bring my bass because I didn't think I would have room to put it anywhere. Now that I've moved in, I see that I actually have plenty of room under my bed to put it. My concern, however, is that I only have a soft case for my bass and I'm not sure if laying it on the floor would have any negative effects.

I'm fine if the bass goes out of tune, but would laying my bass in a soft case on the ground (which is tile) have any other negative effects, long-term or otherwise? Thanks in advance.
I don't see why you'd run into any problems, as long as its not getting kicked/beaten/having things stacked on top of it/etc. That being said, investing in a hard case is good idea if you'll be gigging/practicing in other places, for moving all your stuff between home and school, and for just giving you some peace of mind.

Alternatively you could just keep your bass on a stand in a corner, our of harms way. I've spent the previous 4 years at college in dorm rooms and apartments, big and small, with 2-3 basses, and it's never been any trouble to find a nice spot to keep them on stands. Unless you're at a school where they've crammed 3-4 people in a two-person room and/or have freestanding furniture taking up all the available floorspace, I'd say consider a stand to keep it out of the way.
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No, i don't see any problem with this at all. Also, if you ask this, it's because you're extremely carful regarding your instrument, so i wouldn't worry. Just don't shag on that bed
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It depends on how "soft" your soft case is. Some gig bags are actually that: bags. They are backpacks that are shaped like a guitar or bass and provide no more protection than a regular 1mm thick nylon backpack would provide. Get a decent gig bag made of heavyweight material; preferably with some padding, and you'll be just fine. It does not have to be top-of-the-line, but a little foam padding, heavy cordura nylon material and zippers that do not break are a must. Now; if you have the cash, you can get a sturdy gig bag such as the ones made by Body Glove and they provide almost as much protection as a hardshell case.
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Gator makes a nice cross between a gig bag and a hard case called GL-BASS case. You can get them for less than 70 bucks and they are really sturdy and great for storing instruments under beds and in closets etc. They offer much better support than you typical gig bag.
Thanks for the responses guys! My band does gig fairly often and my current case only has some cushioning on the inside so I'll definitely invest in a hard case. I have stands back at home so I'll probably bring one back with me next time.

And yeah, I'm overly cautious with my instruments but my bed is high enough that I could still do stuff with the bass under it