Okay so i have this old mexi strat that i got from my brother in law and i enjoy it, but i find the sound wanting. So i wanted to replace all of the hardware so it can be a little beast like it should, but i dont really know what all im gonna need or what its going to cost. Can anybody give me some pointers?
Look on-line for the parts you want to replace (pick-ups, tuners, volume ann tone pots ) whatever and you´ll find the price.
If you can do it yourself it's free. All you will need is a phillips head screwdriver and some wire cutters to snip the ground wire and output wire.

If you want to swap pickups/electronics, you'll need a 60w soldering iron and some rosin core electrical solder (the thin stuff).

New hardware will probably cost around $60 for a new bridge, $30 for a new sustain block (if you want one), about $70 for new (locking) tuners.

Pickups will cost around $60 each if you are going with something like Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan, Fender pickups tend to be a bit cheaper. For potentiometers and a switch and jack, that will be another $30 or so.

Honestly, I wouldn't bother much replacing the hardware besides maybe the tuners for locking ones and a brass sustain block. A pickup swap and electronic swap is where the money is. That's what'ts going to make the most difference.
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Agreed. You've got a $250 guitar, and if you replaced everything on it with an upgraded version you'd hit 250 again in a hurry. Heck, you could easily do that just with pickups, electronics, and locking tuners. Considering you can get a used MIA strat for 5-600 if you're patient, I'd be very careful about how much you decide to sink into this guitar. Gutting it and starting over is not at all cost-effective. You'll either spend more than it's worth upgrading a guitar that didn't sound good in the first place (and no guarantee it will improve enough to make it worthwhile), or you'll have to cheap out and perhaps end up with an instrument no better than it was originally.
What kind of amp are you using? Guitar upgrades don't amount to much if your amp sucks.