Shit, this is pretty good. Sounds videogame-y and a bit more uplifting than your previous collab songs. I dig it. Will crit this later, maybe tomorrow.
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This is great. Some parts during the middle seemed a little meandering, but they still sounded good. The start (like first 150 bars) was awesome. The outro was good, too. I was kinda hoping for some crazy dissonance/distorted guitars, but that's not really the nature of the piece.
If you guys don't start actually recording this stuff, I'm going to do it for you, and you don't want that.
I really don't know what to say, guys.

This was... unexpected. Seeing as I mostly know the both of you through different death/prog contributions, I didn't see this coming - nor do I really know what to say.

First off, it's obviously extremely well composed, both melodically and rhythmically. Being an old time RPG-gamer, I really appreciated this. It reminds me of if Nintendo would've done a Final Fantasy theme. A little bit more playful, western jazz than the wierd contemporary japanese style.

The specifics of what you've actually written, in terms of musical theory, is so far beyond what I can put into words. While I do have a sincere and vast understanding of how melody and rhythm work, I don't know any theory to it (at least not compared to what's being displayed in this piece).

I think you should do an honest effort to get this properly recorded, it would sound rad.

Keep up the good work!

(would love it if you could give me a listen here;
and leave a comment to the listed in the OP)
teach me how to transition in and out of the triplet swing sections

apart from that I would probably say that the mixing in the very beginning is a bit overwhelming with the guitars and honky-tonk playing similar phrases and kinda fighting for supremacy, I'd move the piano a bit more to background. But that's the only thing literally. When this song moves out of the jazz bit at the start it just gets kicked into another gear completely, it's like you guys are holding out at first or something.

damn now I'm going to have to stalk and necrobump tarbosh's threads too, hang on

Sheee, I've always admired your compositions on here, JR. Glad to see you back, even though you probably don't recognize me. I was pretty active on here for a stretch but I think you weren't around then.

I'd totally love to hear what you had to say about Relieved of Breath, Of All Losses or anything from near the bottom of my sig, really, it's all ordinal so the newer stuff is better IMO :3