Hi there im new on this site :-) My problem is that, i'm a bit torn a part ive allrdy made some overkills by buying a USB mixer and i found i had the M-Audio laying around. i Work in reaper and need to rec. mostly guitars and vocals, and some of my friends says a line6 would be a good choice im just tired of spending money on overkills. any suggestions ? i want it to be as easy as possible. will the USB mixer bee enuff, i know ill miss out the all the Preamps software etc. from the line6. sorry im so confused...
Line6 just sound like cool guitar effects to get different sounds for recording. A usb interface is enough for recording. You do need a feature on your usb interface in order to run a condenser mic but I forget what it's called.
What is the M-Audio you have hanging around? It might be just the ticket.

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How many inputs will you need? I had a firefly 302 usb interface which was pretty good and didn't kill my bank balance. You can pick them up on ebay for between 30-100 quid.