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these people are just being honest with you man your timing is so off i think u really skipped over the basics man you rushed and crammed technique but you never really worked on timing i can tell i honestly bet you couldn't even play a basic 12 bar blues progression and keep time with it let alone if someone was soloing over it you would be juttering everywhere. Honestly those blues teachers around you would really do great things for you i think what you actually need most right now is the blues lol.

hit the nail in the head!


My entry. Not too solo-y i think there should be a thread that lacks the sturff above and soley dedictated to this contest
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^^^ Yeah it sounds more like something that you'd stick at the start of a solo to build up rather than to solo part. That said I apprecciate that you're trying to do something different and don't end the solo with a high bended note, which is what every other solo I've heard does.
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^ It think he was going for something more like the original lead earlier in the song which is less 'solo' like.
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