Serious collab, not troll.
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I've always had fun with these in the past.

The idea is simple; you download the GP, listen to it, and pick up where the last person left off, adding in your own part.

Some basic rules to keep this going:

  • If you want to write the next part, just post saying so; this way, multiple people won't pick off from the same part, leaving one entry to be ignored. If the person before you isn't done yet, still, feel free to post and claim your spot. Then, one they're done, whoever had claimed the spot after them can go. If someone already called next, just call the spot after them; pretty simple, really. Once you've got your part done, edit your post calling your spot, and upload it.
  • Label the beginning of your section with your username.
  • Feel free to add whatever you want to. Did the person before you end in the middle of something similar to a Blink-182 interlude, but you feel like writing a metalcore breakdown? Well, go for your metalcore breakdown! I mean, it'd be nice if you included a similar melody, theme, or other element from the previous section, but it's not necessary; hell, if we each just follow the course of the person before us, this will get old pretty quickly!
  • Feel free to add tracks; let's say you need a third guitar for the next part, or you think a 5-string bass in Drop A would just make your section awesome. Well, go for it! Just don't add them unnecessarily. For example, if you want a bridge with a string orchestra, and will only need one guitar, it's pretty simple to change one of the guitar tracks setting to strings. (EDIT: Use F10 if you want to change instruments, but feel free to add whatever you want. GP5 starts glitching out when it has around 15 tracks, so keep that in mind.)
  • If you make any changes to tempo, or the settings of a track, be sure they're done using F10, so it only changes your part, and not those before you.
  • For the most part, don't edit the sections of those before you. Seeing as some parts could be improved with a proper transition, I will allow this; you can change the instruments in any tracks that the person before you used for the last measure of their section, and any tracks they didn't use for the last four measures. This should allow you to make proper transitions, without messing up their section.
  • Eventually, the file will get to large to post. Don't delete other peoples parts to make it smaller; just put it in a .ZIP file.

Someone else start plz
I'm next

I'm going to try and remember what I did yesterday before GP5 crashed.

EDIT: Done.
UG Collab 2013.gp5
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Edit: Not my go, someone else have a go.

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
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Really? No one else? Should I grab people from the sevenstring forums?
Holy Damn death.
Nice drum edit, much better than what i came up with lol.

Edit: Scratch my turn
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This is mine, there are many like it but this is mine.

Funny, if I had done your part, I would also have built a bass solo
I'll go next

Edit: Done

I totally used MetalHead's part as rhythm. x.x
Next person can add drums and bass to my part after Metalhead's.

-file removed-

Edit Edit:
Scratch that, I don't like the way my part sounds in 6/4.
Someone else go.
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I got this.

Edit: So I actually gave this GP to a friend and he immediately shot back with this. Let's see what you guys think of tension
hanging tension.zip
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need more collabs

also, shoutout to brometh once again for bars 101-104, so ****ing pretty
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