Hey UG,

I have a stratocaster, around 6 years old.
And lately I've changed the strings and the tremolo is not flat anymore to the body, and I know that means that the springs in the guitar are getting weaker.

Now... I want to buy new strings, apply them and keep on playing.
But my question is:
Does it hurt my guitar to put on 5 new strong strings all at once?

Like... would it hurt the body or something because the tremolo has to mutch pressure on the body? Or is it better to make it as tight as possible?

I don't use the tremolo very mutch, but I want the best sound possible and don't ruin my old guitar.


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Before you go and buy new springs, take off your back cover, there should be a little claw that all of the springs attach to with their ring end. There should be a couple of screws in that, all you have to do is tighten or loosen those to fine-tune your spring tension. If you can't make enough adjustment using these THEN consider new springs.
Quote by R45VT
The springs are not getting weaker, they are just in need of adjustment. As Viban said, open up the back and tighten the screws.

I would guess you put heavier strings on. You may need to adjust the neck relief as well.

Having the bridge tight against the body won't hurt anything.