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I'm having hard time finding a good song to improve my general technique. A song that will help me learn to apply a scale like the harmonic minor, as well as a song that will help me with my general technique. I'm a big fan of Yngwie and Paul Gilbert, but I have no idea which of their songs would be best to start out with. I want to start at a comfortable speed and then keep upping the speed when I feel comfortable going a little faster. So perhaps, any of you could recommend me a decent Yngwie song that you found comfortable and a good learning experience?
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Maybe "Fire". The solo is very structured and sounds cool.
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that is an awesome suggestion! that song would've never come up for me. thanks! contains a lot of licks I can turn into exercises
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If you ever want something more challenging, look no further than Yngwie's 'Arpeggios from hell'. It might be worth using that 21 days technique to start out with first though!...
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Blitzkrieg and Far Beyond the Sun

Black Star is fun

Jason Becker's Mabel's Fatal Fable and Temple of the Absurd are the next step as well
Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at