Well guys, I want to finish my pedalboard I already own a Suhr riot, phase 90 and electro harmonix deluxe memory boy.My amp is a Marshall DSL40c and the guitar I use is a Gibson les Paul Studio 50's tribute.Now I want to Buy a overdrive pedal.Also I would like to get a Suhr's KokoBoost . Which overdrive you think is the best ? (I play classic rock )Thanks properly

nah not really

what do you mean by classic rock? are you going to use it as a boost or as a standalone od (or both)?
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Us knowing if you'll use it as a standalone overdrive or as a lead boost can be really helpful since some "Overdrive" pedals may work well for one choice, but not the other.

Either way, I would recommend a Way Huge Green Rhino. As a boost, it sounds fantastic, and it can also be set up as another option for overdrive than the one on your amp.
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