Basically my high e string rings in my nut so next time I get new strings im replacing the nut aswell, but I have some questions...

Will it be a slotted nut?
What material should I go with?
As im not with the guitar at the moment, does anybody onow the nut dimensions?

The more important questions

How do I go about removing the nut?
Should I glue the new nut down?

Thanks in advance, Chazz

EDIT: should've specified that its a left handed 2011 strat
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You can buy pre-slotted or blank nuts. The original nut is plastic but you can buy bone, synthetic bone (Tusq), graphite, or even brass. Any of those would be a step up from plastic. Graphite and Tusq are are self-lubricating as well.

You can measure the dimensions of the original nut yourself but when you buy a new one it will almost certainly be slightly oversized anyway and require final trimming and shaping.

To remove the old one you can tap it out from the side with a mallet and pin punch.

You may want to leave installation to a tech though, because of the final shaping and adjusting the slots to spec. If you screw that up, the guitar will be unplayable and you'd need to start with another new nut.
Ok cheers i'll get on that, im gonna buy a pack of 5 just in case
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle