Hi everyone there! Im playing alternative rock/metal in my band and i want to pick a second bass, i cant decide between Ibanez SR370 (maple body, active 3 band EQ), Squier Delux Jazz bass(basswood body, active 3 band EQ) and Squier VM Jazz Bass (maple body, passive electronics). What should i pick? I like them all. :C My band's lightest song can be compared with Paramore or something and the heaviest ones with the band Red, Breaking Benjamin, something like that. Please help!
Either would be appropriate. Depends on your personal preference in terms of how they play and sound (both instruments produce a sound you might find in the bands you listed).
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It's all about taste! I love the jazz bass, I have two Fenders (mexican and american) and I know squiers are most of the time, an even quality. In my opinion the Jazz bass is allround and a good buy for the future. The only thing I know about the Ibanez SR370 is that I love them for the warm deep sound, I love to use these bass guitars for Funk and old school hard rock... But back to the first sentence, it's all about taste!
I played an Ibby SR and now own Fender Jazz and both work well for alt-rock. I like the neck better on the Jazz myself, and that is what it will really come down to--which one is more playable in your hands.